We respect the customer

We understand the needs of our customers and work hard to meet their essential requirements carefully and efficiently. We operate with a good attitude, flexibly, openly and accurately. Our reporting is transparent and reliable. We are constantly developing our work planning, implementation, control and evaluation methods. Continuous improvement is a matter of course for us.

We value the work community

We take the occupational health and safety of our employees with particular seriousness. We maintain and develop our management system in such a way that it provides the best possible support for high quality and safe work performance and the creation of a good and uncomplicated work atmosphere.

We bear our responsibility to society

We comply with applicable laws and the requirements imposed on us by the authorities. We identify environmental, occupational health and safety risks and opportunities, including those related to information security, and actively seek to reduce them with the means at our disposal. We do our work successfully and in the common interest. We challenge other players in the industry.

We are a reliable partner

We value the activities of our partners, respect the agreements made and continuously develop our teamwork. The management of the company is responsible for all activities and undertakes to maintain the conditions of the company and its personnel in such a way that we are able to keep our above-mentioned promises.